“Trust your unconscious. It knows more than you do.” Milton.H.Erickson

Breathe, Relax, Transform

We access the subconscious mind

We uncover the root, cause of any mental or physical issue, pattern or behaviour


We reprogram & upgrade limiting beliefs


We give tools to control your emotions to take the right actions


We lock your success to boost self-esteem, confidence, trust in yourself

Giving yourself the possibility for real long lasting change in your life

– Therapy process –

After the first session, the client and I decide the best way to work together to ensure optimal result. Generally a short term hypnosis is best for a single isolated struggle such as smoking cessation or simple habits and usually takes one to two sessions.

Now integrative therapy is best suited for issues such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, insomnia, childhood trauma, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol addictions that involves more than one issue which might require few sessions.

For all my clients I combine the use of hypnosis & mindfulness with coaching – most peoples issues are intricate, interconnected & complex. A client may come in for a specific issue such as losing weight, quitting smoking or not being able to sleep at night. But these goals can be complicated by negative self image or problems in relationships, anxiety, relaxation issues or low self-esteem.

I blend Hypnotherapy, Childhood and Past Lives Regression, Mindset coaching, Mindfulness, Energy work and Mediation to give an all around treatment to my client.

My approach is flexible & adaptable depending on what emerges during a session – its about striking that balance between deep analytic work to get to the root of the underlying issues and using hypnosis to remove blockages & lock in changes along the way.

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